Wednesday, 6 March 2013

School Days....are they the best days of your life!?

Helen Yuen, from Ms Thomas' English class, has written a lovely poem about being a Loreto student and what it means to her!  She has very kindly given us her poem to publish to help inspire us all to pick up our pens during 'World Book Month' and get our creative juices flowing!
School Days, Happy Days!
I'm always happy when I'm with my friends,
I stand by them until the very end,
Sometimes they understand how I feel,
And say a prayer for me when they kneel.
Our school Mass is lots of fun,
It is very meaningful for everyone,
Every smile in the room brightens my day,
From early morn until the noon.
All together, everyone,
We're like a family becoming one,
We greet each other with laughs and smiles,
Or hang around for a little while.
All these moments will stay with me,
For soon they will become a memory,
As time goes on I ask you please,
To answer my prayer and remember me.
Written by: Helen Yuen
(Ms Thomas' English Class)

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