Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Leaving Cert English 2013 Exam Papers

The relief was palpable on the corridors of St Michael's on Thursday evening with all of the Leaving Cert students delighted that the anticipated English exams were over.  Before the exams, nervous chatter dominated the corridors...'Have you studied Plath?'...'I hope 'kingship' will appear'...'Please let the theme come up in our comparative'...Thankfully, everyone emerged from their exam centres at 5.20pm clutching their sore writing hand with smiles and tiredness etched on their faces.  The English papers, at both levels, offered the students plenty of choice and allowing them enough scope for their ability to shine through, while simultaneously challenging them to think critically and assess their knowledge of the English course.  Well done, girls...now you can fully enjoy reading novels, plays and poetry safe in the knowledge that you won't have to justify your thoughts and feelings on pages of refill paper!

Leaving Cert Higher Level Paper 1
Leaving Cert Higher Level Paper 2

Leaving Cert Ordinary Level Paper 1
Leaving Cert Ordinary Level Paper 2

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