Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sylvia Plath : A Disturbing Experience?

Our 5th years are currently studying the poetry of Sylvia Plath as part of their Leaving Certificate course.  One of our pupils Courtney Graves has very kindly submitted an essay on her experience of reading Sylvia Plath.  Courtney has come all the way from Connecticut to study here in St Michael's for the year. Welcome Courtney, we are delighted to have you studying with us!

Please click the link below to read Courtney's fascinating and insightful essay.

Courtney's Essay


  1. Michelle Goddard2 October 2013 at 23:04

    Holy Moley, I am super impressed. I have found that creative people can and usually do have a dark or even self-destructive side. I include myself. Still, a disturbing person is, to me, much more interesting. Great job Court. I am seriously proud of you.

  2. Courtney this was a wonderful display of your writing ability and experience as an "old soul". You have an understanding of the inner workings of people and their experiences and how they can be expressed in writing that is not typical of someone your age. Keep writing as it is cathartic and will open windows to your own soul that you had no idea could be open.